• Dead Man's Party Cover + Free Download Info

    I just recorded this cover version of ‘Dead Man’s Party’ by Oingo Boingo. A little late for Halloween, but oh well! Enjoy!

    Also, If you sign up for my email list, you get a free download of this and other cover songs. 

  • New Music, New Video 

    It is a great honor and surprise to have my new song - 'Signs' - featured in the Global Tea Hut video for the May tea of the month.

    I recorded Signs early last year at Billy Mohler's studio and he did a wonderful job producing it, bringing in Adam Gust, Sean Woolstenhulme, Randy Ingram, and Phillip Peterson to complete the track. Then the two brilliant Ryan Williams and Nate Wood mixed and mastered it respectively.

    Shoutouts to WuDe for doing such a great job editing the video to fit the song, to Baelyn Elspeth and Ariana Dedianko for your superb tea picking skills, and to Brandon Boyd and Incubus for creating the song 'In The Company of Wolves' which served as great inspiration when I was completely stuck in the writing process of the song and couldn't figure out how to fit two very different sections together into one piece of music.


  • Farewell To A Great Teacher

    I know exactly what he would say if I were to thank him for all that he has done for me - "It is from your hard work alone that all the benefits come to you". While this is indeed the truth, without the teachings of SN Goenka, I would not know how to do the hard work that has brought so much benefit to me, and for those teachings, I thank him deeply and profusely.

    On September 29th, 2013, at 10:40pm in Mumbai, India, SN Goenka passed away peacefully in his sleep.

    Born in India in 1924, Goenkaji was a businessman who eventually discovered Vipassanā meditation in Burma from a man named Saya Gyi U Ba Khin.  He eventually went on to become a great Vipassanā teacher and was a pioneer in spreading this technique of meditation across the world. He was a major influence to many people including Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, and Krishna Das, just to name a few.  He selflessly made it his life's work to teach this way out of suffering to countless people, and he did it for free.  All of the 170 plus meditation centers across the world are run solely by donations from students who have partaken in a 10-day silent meditation retreat, and neither Goenkaji, nor any one of the other assistant teachers or volunteer servers receive a single cent for their service.

    I took my first 10-day course in June of 2000, in North Fork, CA, and as of 1 month ago today, completed my 7th course.  Words can do no justice to the benefits I have received through this practice over the years.  Through simple and practical means of learning to objectively observe reality as it manifests inside my body from moment to moment, I have become a much happier, less reactive, and clearer person.  I am no longer plagued by strong, negative emotions such as anger, fear, or grief.  That is not to say that I never experience these things, but they have significantly less power over me than they did in the past. I have learned great patience, I have come out of addictions, and I have experienced deep, peaceful tranquility far beyond what I ever thought to be possible.  At the risk of sounding crazy, if I could somehow take all the benefits that I have gotten and give you the direct of experience of the true happiness that I feel, I bet my life that you would immediately go to a meditation retreat. It is that powerful.

    For showing me and so many others this noble path, and for the immense impact you have had on my life and the lives of so many others, I offer the deepest thanks. The debt of gratitude I feel is immeasurable.  Rest In Peace Goenka. You made the wold a better place.  May you be happy and liberated, wherever you be.

    With all of my mētta,


  • Move Video

    Here is a video of the song Move.  It was filmed by Karess Joii during the photo shoot for the In A Stream album cover back in October of 2012.  

  • Breaking Silence

    My oh my, it has been a while.  What have I been doing since I lasted posted in 2010? Why has it been so long? Probably because I started going to school at Yo San University to study Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Yes, that's acupuncture and herbs.  As I type this,  I am approaching being half way through the program.  Becoming an acupuncturist is not as easy as one might think.  It's a full four years of intense schooling.  So that is what has been occupying most of my time.  That and meditation, qigong, and tea.

    On the music front, although I have rarely played a show in the past few years, I have been recording quite a bit.  In fact, I have two albums completely recorded.  One of them is fully mixed, and just waiting on mastering.  I will be releasing it sometime in the Fall of 2012.  It is called In A Stream and it is more acoustically oriented than my last album, Look Inside.  By no means is this a definitive direction.  Who knows...maybe my next album will be electronic?

    The other album is more "band" oriented, but I programmed all the drums and bass myself.  It is a group of songs I wrote all the way back in 1999 -2001.  During a meditation retreat, the inspiration to record these particular songs hit me hard.  As soon as I got home, I recorded the entire album, playing and programming every instrument on the album.  It took me one month and was one of the most fun and satisfying recording experiences I have ever had.  I meditated for at least an hour before every single recording session, and really let the music breath.  These songs are longer, and a little more daring on a structural level than anything I have release before.  It is definitely an album to get into a quiet state and listen all the way from front to back without distraction.

    Although the recording was fun and painless, mixing it has been quite a project.  I have tried at least three times and am still not quite satisfied.  I recently bought some new speakers, so I have faith that this next time through, I will have success and the album - Pain & Joy - will see the light of day soon.  I am actually starting a charity project called Dhamma Records to release this album through.  It will serve to benefit Vipassana meditation centers across the globe, and it will be most certainly include other artists.

    It feels good to be blogging again.  Expect more news on the new albums and Dhamma Records project soon.


  • Live DVD On COX In SoCal

    Great news!

    Starting on March 31st, 2010, a condensed version of the live DVD will be aired on COX 3 every Wednesday at 8pm and every Saturday at 10:30pm through July 3rd, 2010.
    There will be two different half hour segments, each featuring a different batch of songs from both myself and Marianne Keith, and interviews from both artists and SongCheck Live creator, Matt Russell.
    This will be aired throughout Orange County all the way up to Palos Verdes. We will be working on getting it aired in more places soon.
    If you are interested in picking up a copy of the DVD in it's entirety, then head over to All of the audio will instantly download to your computer and the DVD will be shipped to you as soon as humanly possible!