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  • LA Music Awards Update

    Gimme a "L"!
    Gimme an "O"!
    Gimme a "S"!
    Gimme an "E"!
    Gimme a "R"!

    That spells LOSER!!!!!!

    Woohooo! I did not win the Triple A album of the year at the Los Angeles Music Awards.
    I was not able to attend the voting party because I was at a 10 day, silent meditation retreat and although Matt Russell went in my place to represent the DVD and got a ton of people to vote for us, my lack of an appearance put me out of the game.

    If I could go back in time and do it over again, I would still go to the meditation retreat because I got A LOT out of it. More on that later...

    Peace and thank you to the people at the LA Music Awards for the nomination,