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  • Summer & The Rain on MTV's TRUE LIFE

    Hello there!

    I Got some exciting news the other day...
    My track "Summer & The Rain" will be on the MTV show, TRUE LIFE, Saturday, April 25th at noon!
    Finally, my dreams have come true and I'm going to be a rock star on MTV! (kidding).

    Here is a link for some info on the show:

    And as if you don't have enough social networking sites already, here is another! It is all about MTV Soundtracks / Artists...
    Who knows, maybe you'll find some new music on there:

    Thanks to Keatly and the good people at Pig Factory.

    Also, I sent the live DVD off to be printed up! It will be available in a couple of weeks!
    Details to come.

    I hope all is well with you.
    Enjoy the weekend,

    Alec Bridges