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  • Move - The New Single on iTunes

    I have just released a new single called Move. Back in the summer of 2007, I started working on a new album. Due to taking on the live DVD project, I decided to scrap the album and pick it up at a later time. I could not scrap this song though. It was recorded at Nate Wood's home studio on a rainy night in early January, merely a week after I wrote it. There is a magic in recording a song right after it has been written that I fear would be lost if I were to re-record it at a later time.

    Of all the songs I have written, this is my favorite so far. It came about so effortlessly, it did not even feel like I was writing it. I was noodling around on my guitar when I came up with the main part. I felt like I was on to something good, so I turned on my recorder, played through it a couple of times, and basically came up with the lyrics on the spot. I played through it three times, and then went to bed. There was one line I had not finished. When I awoke in the morning, it came to me, and Wha-la! - a complete new song was born.

    You can go grab it on iTunes, or wherever else digital music is sold. (I did not actually print up physical copies of this song, so you can only get it online). You can hear a few of the other new songs in their live form when the DVD comes out.

    written and performed by Alec Bridges
    recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nate Wood
    cover photo by Katie Oswald
    cover design by Jenny Begin