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  • Cyclones and Buddhas


    This has nothing to do with my music. I am writing about the Cyclone in Myanmar. I have a special interest in this part of the world because this is where the style of meditation that I practice is from. Vipassana meditation is the technique that the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) discovered and used to attain enlightenment.

    Myanmar, which used to be Burma, is where this technique that the Buddha discovered has been maintained, kept pure, and taught to countless people. Over recent years, retreat centers started in Burma that teach Vipassana Meditation have spread all throughout the world. I have been to two of these 10 day silent meditation courses, and they are incredible and life changing. Much of the music I write has been inspired from what I have learned and experienced at these courses, and they have transformed my life (and many others) for the better.

    There are five of these meditation centers in Myanmar, and they all have sustained immense damage and need all the help they can get. If you are interested in helping out, there is a North American collection point set up by the meditation centers. You can send a check to the following address (in Canada):

    Myanmar Dhamma Fund
    4585 Harvie Avenue
    Powell River, BC
    V8A 2N9

    Please make your check payable to Myanmar Dhamma Fund, and be assured that the incredibly corrupt government of Mynamar will have nothing to do with this, so you can be confidant that your contribution will reach these centers.

    If you are interested in seeing exactly what it is that you are contributing to, then you can visit the following website for more information on Vipassana Meditation and the Dhamma Centers all around the world at

    ***Please pass this on to all of your spiritually mindful friends***

    Thank you very much,

    ~ Alec Bridges