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  • SongCheck Live: Brookledge Theatre Sessions Shoot

    On December 9th and 10th, 2006, I partook (is that a real word?) in a very cool video shoot at The Brookledge Theatre (the original Magic Castle, built in 1932) in Los Angeles, CA. SongCheck Live gathered a very fine array of singer-songwriters to come in and do some very raw and authentic acoustic performances, all to be filmed in front of a very small group of people.

    The vibe was quite amazing. Imagine something between a small tropical resort and the Haunted House at Disneyland...with a bunch of garden gnomes in the yard. Amazing.

    Among the line up was Brett Dennen, Meiko, Tom Fruend, Sally Jaye, Jason Feddy, Matt Hopper, Diane Birch, and myself. We all played a few songs each, and took turns interviewing one another throughout the two days of filming.

    All the performances were amazing and I very much look forward to seeing this project coming to fruition. Keep an eye out for it in the future.