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  • New Music, New Video 

    It is a great honor and surprise to have my new song - 'Signs' - featured in the Global Tea Hut video for the May tea of the month.

    I recorded Signs early last year at Billy Mohler's studio and he did a wonderful job producing it, bringing in Adam Gust, Sean Woolstenhulme, Randy Ingram, and Phillip Peterson to complete the track. Then the two brilliant Ryan Williams and Nate Wood mixed and mastered it respectively.

    Shoutouts to WuDe for doing such a great job editing the video to fit the song, to Baelyn Elspeth and Ariana Dedianko for your superb tea picking skills, and to Brandon Boyd and Incubus for creating the song 'In The Company of Wolves' which served as great inspiration when I was completely stuck in the writing process of the song and couldn't figure out how to fit two very different sections together into one piece of music.